• #Companygoals

    "To be in a perpetual state of curiosity, diligence and creativity."

  • Who are we?

    We invest, develop and launch new wellness, spa and beauty indie brand concepts for retail and digital channels.




    We do a lot more than just invest, we co-invest and work from the roots to bring a new brand to life.


    Product Development


    We develop and manufacture products from initial concept to launch, for brand owners seeking to source from Asia in the beauty and wellness space.


    Why "Spa Monkeys?"


    Spa Monkeys is named after the Japanese Macaque. These highly intelligent primates are the only species in the wild to have learned how to integrate hot spring use into their daily wellness regime - a modern day behavioural evolution.


    Our company's mission is to continually evolve and progress like the species to its name. From 2014, Spa Monkeys has sold millions of innovative products and continues to grow.


  • Snow Fox Skincare

    An award winning, clean skin care line formulated especially for those with sensitive skin. Snow Fox has been featured in Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and more, for its gentle but impressive potency. Voted top 10 "green" beauty brands of 2017 by Marie Claire, the brand continues to promote ethical consumerism in skincare.

  • Community: Giving Back

    Animal Rescue & Shelter

    Rescue, Rehab and Rehome in Vietnam

    As part of our cruelty-free values at Snow Fox, we officially sponsor the Saigon Times Animal Rescue and Shelter by taking care of their monthly rent and other expenses.


    This Vietnam based animal rescue currently houses and rehabilitates more than 200 animals from slaughterhouses, wildlife trafficking and pet abuse & abandonment.


    Unfortunately, many of the animals are maimed, severely injured or suffer long term injuries from chronic abuse by the time they are rescued.


    If you'd like to adopt from this shelter, please contact us at the email on the bottom of this page. (Overseas adopters are welcome).



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