Year of the Rooster 2017: Best Ways to invite Love, Luck and Fortune

After an exciting and very eventful (albeit for some of us, exhausting) Fire Monkey of 2016, the Fire Rooster year looks to be more stable – but be warned, as with all Fire element animals, this Rooster is more of a Phoenix! According to specialists, 2017 will be a boon to all of those who can strategically execute their game plans for the year, however as it is yet another year of great change, those who aren’t prepared will be facing quite the struggle.  Interestingly for some, this year will see them as Roosters and for others, it will be the year they undergo a huge personal and spiritual transformation – the year of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mystical creature that represents rebirth – rising from the ashes of the past. It symbolizes a powerful new being but it is not reborn without having been destroyed first.


So will you be a Rooster or Phoenix this year?


From what we’ve gathered by talking to a few feng shui experts, it will be a wise move to pay tribute to the Rooster by focusing on its traits and following suit within our own lives. Here are well known Rooster traits and tips for the year, to maximize the luck for those looking for that special someone, a new business venture or keeping ones well-being optimal.



The Rooster is strict with first impressions. Do your best to start off the year with positive thoughts, maintain your physical appearance (yes, the Rooster is a good looking bird and it cares) by putting effort into your everyday looks, pick up creative new hobbies. This is going to be fabulous year for the fashion, beauty and creative industries, as with most Rooster years.

Lucky colours: Purple, Blue and Burgundy. If you want to decorate, Amethyst crystals would be great as these represent creativity and inspiration – true to the artistic nature of the Rooster.


burgundy tie



While the Fire Monkey was a year of ambition and crazy adventures, the Rooster is completely different: this year is one where careful planning and hard work is favoured over anything unorganized or risky. According to specialists, any plans you may have this year should be carefully thought out in advance and prepared for. The Rooster is a hard working bird, getting up at dawn to crow. This year is not one to be lazy or distracted – focus, stay sharp and plan ahead. Stick to the safe path and if you have to try a new project, aim for smaller ones but execute them with perfection. Diplomacy is also the better option this year. While the Fire Monkey brought out the aggression in many last year, this year will work out much better for those who keep a cool head and stick to logic and efficiency over emotions.

Mood: Fill your home with soothing fragrances and soft acoustic music to help keep the atmosphere peaceful. Chrysanthemum flowers are greatly suitable for this year.



The Rooster and especially the Fire Rooster (actually, the Phoenix) is one that values loyalty and family piety. Make an extra effort to maintain family peace this year. Avoid petty arguments and take the high ground whenever possible. Stay faithful, honest and most importantly, honourable in all areas of daily life. Our experts say that this year will also cause a lot of “crowing” and “pecking” among large groups – the best solution is to stay out of conflicts. For those hoping to emerge a Phoenix this year, stay away from complaints, gossip and general social pettiness. Focus on all positive traits inward and let these resonate outward. Keep things simple and peaceful.

For the Home: Keep your living areas neat and tidy. If you live with a large family, try to maintain a relaxing and social atmosphere by arranging more fun family activities and meals together.





If you’re married or dating, this year is a good one to appreciate and make an effort romantically for your other half. Fidelity is crucial, so avoid flirting or putting oneself in situations where temptations may be present as the Fire Rooster is one year that does not tolerate messy consequences. (Think Rooster fights and Hen pecks when things go wrong – not a pretty sight). The Fire Monkey have been a sexually adventurous year for some, but this year the Rooster is all about faithfulness, traditional love stories and fertility. Yes, this means babies. Lots of babies. If you’re trying to start a family, this is definitely your time. If you’re single – congratulations, Rooster years are great romances and it’ll be easy to meet multiple dates. However, once you’ve taken your pick, beware – the Rooster is extremely loyal and rather traditional.

Romance: Stay sexy, look sharp and enjoy the many dates this year will bring. To spruce things up, go ahead and buy that new dress, suit or go for that haircut you’ve always wanted to try. Fresh is best. A silk burgundy tie for men or luscious burgundy lip stick for women will suffice as a lucky colour that compliments the year’s romantic vibes.


burgundy lips



Roosters pride themselves on their appearance and presence – this means not just looking good, but feeling good too. It’s a strong bird with a tall crown, so health is of utmost importance this year. Resort to healthier options as much as possible, whether it’s going to the gym more often or eating organic or taking supplements to balance out one’s system. Last year may have been one of partying and craziness, but now it’s back to detoxing and looking buff. Avoid alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy recreations. This year is also a fantastic time to make more new friends. We’re talking genuinely cool new people. Roosters are communal animals and are extremely social, so go ahead and be confident when you expand that social network. Just stay out of drama and this will be a fun year for everyone.





The Rooster is an ambitious bird, but a highly detailed and strategic one at that. This year’s strong social aspect means that it is a good time for joint ventures, although both sides must adhere to a harmonious and honourable pact. This means staying away from petty bickering or dishonourable actions. Any illicit moves from either side, however small, would affect the feng shui of the business so always go for diplomacy. Money wise, 2017 is considered economically prosperous regardless of instabilities. Work hard, save up and aim for low risk and well planned investments. Unrealistic goals and any investment opportunities that seem way too good should be avoided, as the Rooster favours practicality and logic. Stay away from Snake Oil salesmen. Stay loyal and supportive of your colleagues at work. If there’s office politics, take the high ground as much as you can and do not take part in the pecking, or you’ll find yourself a chicken with its head down, scratching at bugs. Be confident and ignore the haters.

Lucky numbers: 7, 6




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